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The owl.ini file stores many of the user configurable settings for Owl.

Most of these options can be configured through the Owl user-interface. Expert users can modify these settings in a text editor, though any changes made will only take effect after Owl has been restarted.



(Specific parsers can be disabled through the .owlignore file.)

enabled (boolean)
If false, Lua Parsers will not be loaded when Owl loads, otherwise all parsers will be loaded at startup. Default is true.
path (string)
The path from where the Lua parsers will be loaded.




<source lang="ini"> [Misc] importFolder=C:/vbulletin/deltas/client/boardfiles forumRefreshRate=7

[Web] useragent=Owl/0.2.5 (Windows) content-type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded

[Logs] level=Debug logtofile=true path=C:/vbulletin/deltas/logs

[Proxy] enabled=false host= password= port=0 proxyType=0 username=

[Lua] enabled=true path=C:/vbulletin/deltas/client/parsers

[BoardDefaults] postsPerPage=25 showImages=true threadsPerPage=25 customUserAgentEnabled=false autoLoginEnabled=true

configures the frequency that Owl checks the message board for new posts

refreshEnabled=true refreshRate=60

[Debug] refreshEnabled=true

[BoardToolbar] height=24 scrollArrow.height=24 scrollArrow.width=16 width=24

[update] enabled=true url=http://owlclient.com/owl/version.txt

DO NOT edit below this line unless you really really know what you're doing

[MainWindow] pos=@Point(94 72) size=@Size(1348 836) splitter1=@ByteArray(\0\0\0\xff\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\x2\0\0\x1\x33\0\0\x1\xed\0\0\0\0\x3\x1\0\0\0\x1) splitter2=@ByteArray(\0\0\0\xff\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\x2\0\0\x3#\0\0\x1\x85\0\0\0\0\x3\x1\0\0\0\x1) </source>

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