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Owl uses a number of files and folders. Some of these are in the personal configuration folders while others are maintained in the system areas.



The owl.ini file stores user settings.

On startup, Owl will look for this file in the user's data path. If the file is not found then then the default version inside the application folder is copied to the user's data path. If the owl.ini file is specified with the "-i" switch on the command line, then Owl will attempt to load that file and exit with an error if unable.

Example: <source lang="bash">-i=C:\Test\Folder\owl-settings.ini</source>


The settings.xml file contains settings for Owl that typically do not change. This file should not be edited without first understanding its content since an invalid configuration can cause Owl to malfunction. This file lives in the application folder but can be overridden with the -s command line option.

Example: <source lang="bash">-s=C:\Test\Folder\settings.xml</source>


.owlignore is a text file that allows users to specify a list of Lua Parsers that Owl should ignore when starting up. The file should contain one file name or parser name per line.

<source lang="ini">parser-phpbb3x.lua vbulletin4x</source>
Any parsers with the file name or parser-name "parser-phpbb3x.lua" or "vbulletin4x" will be ignored.


Owl uses standard folders configured for each OS. Most files are stored in the user specific

User's Data Path

Location of owl.ini and settings.xml.

$HOME/Library/Application Support/lulzapps/Owl/owl.ini