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New Board Button

To add a new board to Owl click on the "New Board" button in the Board Toolbar


Enter Board Information

The next dialog that appears will ask you for the URL of the message board you wish to add. In many cases you can simply Copy & Paste the URL from your browser into Owl. Owl will attempt to determine the correct path of the message board from the URL you provide.


In this example, we have entered in the URL:


Enter in your username and password for the board being added. Owl is compatible with most boards using Tapatalk or vBulletin 3.x. If Owl has successfully added the board, you will see a message like this:


When the board is added, it will then appear in the "Board Pane", and all the forms, threads and posts will be browsable from within Owl.



Owl could fail to add the board for several reasons, some common causes include:

  • the board does not use Tapatalk or vBulletin 3.x
  • the board does not use a standard URL/path
  • the board is heavily modified

If you are having trouble adding a board to Owl, let us know on our forum.

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