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== FAQ ==  
== FAQ ==  
Please check the [http://wiki.owlclient.com/index.php?title=FAQ FAW] for commonly asked questions.
Please check the [http://wiki.owlclient.com/index.php?title=FAQ FAQ] for commonly asked questions.
== Mac App Store ==
== Mac App Store ==

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Owl Client Screenshot

What is Owl?

Owl is a “message board client” for OS X and Windows. It offers a simplfied user interface to browse message boards. It is currently compatible with Tapatalk 4.x and most vBulletin 3.x message boards.


Please check the FAQ for commonly asked questions.

Mac App Store


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  • Version 0.7.5 released - 2016-06-02
  • Version 0.7.4 released - 2016-04-26
  • Version 0.7.3 released - 2016-02-26
  • Version 0.7.2 released - 2015-01-22 (Based on Qt 5.4)
  • Version 0.7.1 released - 2014-10-13
  • Version 0.7.0 released - 2014-09-27
  • Version 0.5.0 released - 2014-09-22 (Based on Qt 4.8)


Owl was originally developed by Adalid Claure (aclaure@gmail.com). Many of the icons were created by Robert Burnham (burntham77@gmail.com). The original Owl Encryptor plugin for vBulletin was written by Joe DiBiasi (joedibiasi@gmail.com).

Owl is named in the spirit of the popular OSX email client, Sparrow, from which many UX ideas were taken.